Magazine And Book Condition Terms


A flawless copy, perfect in every way and probably never read. These are few and far between.


A copy with no real defects, but is not as pristine as a very fine copy. It will have been read, but with care, things such as quizzes and puzzles may have been started or completed.
Some magazines were marked by the newsagent with a delivery address either on the front or back cover.
Any flaw, such as a bumped corner, a slightly sunned spine, rubbing, slight soiling, or a very tiny tear.

Very Good

A copy with one or more small defects. It may be rubbed, have a small tear, a dinged corner, or other minor defect.
Some magazines can show signs being affected by damp which wrinkles the pages caused by the packaging when originally sent by post.
Model engineer magazines in particular can have small stains, added notes, slight rust marks to the centre pages from the steel rods of binders, punch holes close to the spine where they have been kept in ring binders (These do not affect any text or drawings). (A lot of model engineers kept their copies in the workshop).
Most of our magazines or books are Very Good or better.


A copy as described above with some obvious, larger flaws. There may be a larger tear in the dust jacket, be very sunned, have a creased spine,larger stains from workshop use or have other defects.
Most of these defects affect the covers and the inner pages are still reasonably clean intact and readable.


A copy with very serious defects. It may actually have some loose pages, underlining or highlighting, or be very soiled. These magazines or books are generally below our normal standards and we do not, except in very unusual circumstances, sell them in Poor condition.

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